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The CCISMA was established by Israeli-Malagasy entrepreneurs who have forged strong bonds of friendship and collaboration over the years.

As an association governed by the Law 60-133 of October 03, 1960, it serves as a crucial institution for fostering socio-cultural and commercial relations between the two nations.

Our values


The CCISMA strongly believes in harnessing the collective expertise to provide optimal support to all stakeholders.

Our values


The Chamber strives to alleviate poverty for a brighter future, aiming to become an indispensable catalyst for economic, social, and cultural development.

Our publications

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Our partners

We express our heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed partners and sponsors who generously support the Israel-Madagascar Chamber of Commerce (CCISMA). Their invaluable collaboration and unwavering commitment greatly contribute to the growth of our organization and the promotion of socio-economic exchanges between Madagascar and Israel. We extend our profound gratitude to our partners who play a pivotal role in realizing our shared mission.

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