Strengthening Trade Relations: Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov from the Embassy of Israel Visits CCISMA

CCISMA welcomes Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov from the Embassy of Israel, strengthening commercial cooperation and promising new partnership opportunities.

The Israel-Madagascar Chamber of Commerce (CCISMA) had the privilege of hosting Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov, Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Israel in Pretoria, during her official visit from December 15th to 17th, 2023. This meeting held significant importance in consolidating commercial and economic ties between the two nations, thus paving the way for mutually beneficial cooperation across various sectors.

Over the course of these three days, the Board of Directors of CCISMA along with some members engaged in in-depth discussions with Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov and Malagasy ministerial representatives. These fruitful exchanges allowed for a detailed exploration of existing and potential collaboration opportunities, while identifying challenges to enhance trade between Israel and Madagascar.

The primary objective of this meeting was a shared commitment to invigorate bilateral trade and explore new avenues of cooperation. Both parties expressed their dedication to collaborating in identifying and seizing emerging economic opportunities, while fostering an environment conducive to investment and business development.

Discussions centered on key sectors such as agriculture, technology, energy, water, and tourism, highlighting the complementary strengths and converging interests of both countries. Strategies were deliberated to facilitate trade, remove tariff and non-tariff barriers, and promote foreign direct investment.

Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov’s visit also spotlighted ongoing projects involving Israeli and Malagasy companies, addressing encountered challenges and exploring potential solutions. Both parties agreed to strengthen mechanisms supporting businesses, particularly in financing, training, and market access.

The meeting also explored collaboration opportunities in innovation and research, capitalizing on Israel’s global expertise in these fields. Discussions took place on promoting partnerships between universities, research centers, and businesses from both countries, aiming to stimulate innovation and create value.

In an international context marked by economic uncertainty and geopolitical challenges, Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov’s visit holds particular significance as a testament to both countries’ continued commitment to enhancing their trade and economic relations. This meeting demonstrates the willingness of both parties to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities to build a more prosperous and sustainable future.

In conclusion, Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov’s visit to CCISMA was a pivotal moment in strengthening trade and economic ties between Israel and Madagascar. This meeting solidified the foundations of mutually beneficial cooperation and charted the course for enhanced collaboration in the years ahead. CCISMA expresses deep gratitude to Ms. Adi Cohen Hazanov and her team for their dedication and ongoing support, eagerly anticipating the exciting opportunities that will arise from this reinforced collaboration.

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